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Yes, it’s true – I left my job of twenty years, gave up a three hour daily commute, went home, took stock of my “bucket list” . . . and wrote a novel.

“There is something for everyone in this book.” (reader)

I don’t believe I’ve ever done anything quite so satisfying or fun in my whole life.  While I’ve always had a passion for writing, I never made the time to really explore the possibility.

“If you are a parent, or have a parent I think you should read this book.
If you lost a parent you need to read this book.” (reader)

The Road to Lost and Found is based on a true story. . . It’s funny – It’s heartbreaking – It’s life!

About the Book ~

The Road to Lost and Found - Click here to purchase through Amazon.com

Catherine is struggling with an aging mother whose dementia causes contrasting moments of incoherency and vivid clarity. In one of those clear moments, her mother begins to unlock the truth of Cat's biological father.

At the heart of this story is Cat’s need for connection to her family of the past and a father she remembers only vaguely. As she connects with lost relatives in an effort to unlock her immigrant history, she discovers love and loss across multiple generations

Weaving the story through real places from Ireland to the U.S. Great Northwest and events in time from Europe's 18th century famines through World War II, Cat finds what she’s been looking for her entire life on the “Road to Lost and Found”.