Behind the Scenes  - FAQ’S

Questions from Readers:

Is this book based on your real family?
Yes, it’s loosely based on my family. The truth has probably been altered depending upon who was remembering and telling the story at the time. I have some good story tellers in my family.

Where did the character of Father Duncan come from?
Father Duncan was based on the character of a real priest that I engaged to preside over my mother’s funeral. Cat’s nervousness over meeting the priest the first time was my own nervousness expressed through her.

Were the names in your book real names?
Many of the names were real. There were both characters and names in the story that I simply wrote in to move the story forward. Cat’s name was a derivative of the “Catherines” in the Lannen Family. The nick name “Cat” was a more modern and younger version of the formal name.
Who was your favorite character?
Well you can’t help but love Father Duncan, but I also enjoyed Aunt Doris. I thought – “Kathryn Hepburn” – every time I brought her into the story. Uncle Joe was another favorite.  He was always fun to come back to.

What has surprised you the most?
I’ve been totally surprised that all of the underlying currents of the story are being realized. There is more to the story than a daughter searching for her father. All the relationships were put under the microscope; the mother-daughter, sister-brother, husband-wife, as well as faith and family.

Are you working on another book?
Yes, I am. It’s a story that was given life at my 35th class reunion. A phenomenon occurred during a senior skip day that was never spoken of until a class reunion, thirty years later. There was a profound series of events that took place, affecting the lives and families of four high school seniors. I’ve placed this book in my home town, where it all started. I am hoping that it is as successful as “The Road to Lost and Found.”

What people are saying about The Road to Lost and Found

. . . This is a fun read.  References to Puget Sound locales and historical events help make this enjoyable and personal for readers familiar with the region.

. . . It’s real, believable and heartwarming. It’s a great read!

. . . From the very first chapter, you are captured by the imagery and desire to know what happens to the characters in this book.

. . . If you have a parent, you should read this book and if you have lost a parent you MUST read this book.
. . . I loved this book.  I have always enjoyed books that follow families for generations. This one really kept my interest.  I also enjoyed the Puget Sound area references.  I would absolutely recommend it to my friends!

. . . Local Author makes good!